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W Tails Cat A Strange Presence

A person begins emigration from the earth to Mars; and several centuries. Chief character Cyril Brooklyn emigrated from the earth to the city of the Mars, Hess pe rear district. Be found a job in B&S company of the security giant company by acquaintances of him who is a man of influence of the industry. Do not have the particularly superior battle skill, but take up its new post as an investigation superintendent in charge. Body ability is developed in knowledge and the technique that were able to choose it in various ways, and send hard days among the world dark Elderly one given priority of the hobby than work. The weapon industry develops although being small, and begin a local production, and jubuso is the world where I do it, and the aggravation of the peace and order advances to, but the materialism has been already corrupted before the first century, and the currency system already collapses to the space Kaizoku and terrorism shop. The Jidai that "human evolution information" is found as a valuable thing all together above all. While chief character Cyril Brooklyn comes through various difficulty by the order from the company, arrive at the information in "the point of the human evolution"

Duration: 37 min

Censorship: Yes

Added: 07-05-2014

Release Year: 2014

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