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Love Elf

Love love to make* of active and silver-haired elf , starts You had to distress in the mountains . Where they lost their lives over , On the sofa and then notice the , There hidden hut of elves . The gal made ​​a man's breathing beside . Have saved your girlfriend , Silver hair , I have a crystal clear skin It was a nice-looking elf . While it is what keep assist " , is known to other human beings this retreat Do not go Do not Nde trouble , to not kiss u . You receive to live with me here . " She was asked to return for saved the life Cohabitation life with u . " If u crave to lay - who saved a life , ... me in my recent life." In this way, live alone , stray elf of the " Yumina " To make life of You And Me appeared to be to begin. Love Love making clips with the silver-haired elf Love love to make * of active elves who do not know the chap yet ! On the couch , white skin is wetted obscene !

Duration: 8 min

Censorship: Yes

Added: 26-11-2014

Release Year: 2014

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